Safe Return to Workplace with
Occupancy Analytics

Create flexible spaces with interactive and touchless planning,

booking and occupancy tracking.                                                                                                             

Safely Return to Work

Provide comfort, convenience and confidence to employees with safe seating, offer flexible seating and control what seats are available after sanitization

Manage a Hybrid Workplace

Seamlessly manage your distributed workforce, with effective space & density planning

Seamless User Experience

Enhance user productivity & control with an intuitive Mobile App allowing the employee to roster, book a seat, provide health information & other services

Optimize Seat Utilization

Workspace analytics by department, chargeback & other information to optimize usage of office space


DB Spazio365 Features

Smart Workspace Management Platform designed to make your work easier!



Generates seating plans that comply with safe distancing norms 




Hybrid Workspace


Introduce hybrid work models providing user with the flexibility to roster when they come into office & manage their workweek by making desk/meeting room reservations. 


Supports Varied Workspace Personas


Address workspace requirements based on the employee persona; help real-estate team manage over-subscriptions   


Post-usage Seat Lockout & Sanitization Alerts


Seats used once, unless sanitized will not be available for booking  



Booking, planning & control of workspaces


Fixed seating, flexi seating and shared seating modes. Hot desking and hoteling. Find desks based on attributes. Manage by Zone / Floor / Building / Campus. Desk Resource Information


Meeting Room


Manage Rooms by Zone / Floor / Building / Campus. Avoid ghost meetings using auto cancellation. Meeting Room Services � Pantry. Find Meetings Rooms based on attributes (eg. no of seats, with projector), by category (eg. Department, silent, casual)



Multiple options for occupancy confirmation including wireless occupancy sensors, wired visual sensors, OTP confirmation and Indoor location tags. Auto cancellation of unoccupied desks


Interactive Floor

Visualize your real-estate layouts with real-time status helping you plan & allocate resources better. Find colleagues / proximity seat

Auto-release eliminating Ghost Bookings


Reduce space wastage and optimize utilization.



Density Tracking


Measure workspace density across Spaces keeping a tab on the footfall to ensure workspaces are not crowded


Smarter Workplace Integrations


Add Way Finding, Find a Colleague, Visitor Management, Feedback, Pantry Services


Touchless Experience


Touchless reservations through mobile app



Dashboard & Analytics


Insightful data helping real estate professionals optimize their workspaces, by measuring utilization and help planning future need


 Our Customers


DB Spazio365 is an effective, easy to use and 100% SaaS solution for enterprises to manage their workspaces while enhancing occupant experience and operating efficiency

Desks covered

10,000+ and counting

                         Evolve a Safe Workspace for your Employees!                                                                       

          DB Spazio365 helps you quickly set-up a safe and hybrid workplace addressing the various personas
without compromising on your operational efficiency!

Why DB Spazio365 ? 

                   Address your Space Challenges with Convenience & Confidence!

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